lost and confused

by c-love
(Phoenix, AZ)

I'm 21 and have been seeing my love for about 7 months. Its been rough but at times I’m completely content with the situation (mostly because he is with me ALL the time) and other times can be frustrating like when he can’t get away or I know he’s with her. I think for what this situation is I handle it pretty well. He's not married and the relationship he has with her isn’t the greatest, but he stays for his daughter and her two sons which he helped raise. I know things will be over, just don’t know when and at times I feel like giving up and ending it but then I realize how much of myself, my heart and my all I’ve given him and to just let it all go... I’m so deeply in love with him. I have a 1 year old little girl which he claims as his and it warms my heart that he cares for her like I do... what sucks about this is that even if me or him wanted to end it realistically we're not built this way... we are both Pisces his birthday the day before mine. I’ve never been the type or the one to break up or end things... I always stay and try to fix things and he is the same way. So for him to be with me SHE has to leave him... which i don’t know if she'll do. She knows about me, has seen all my phone calls and pictures and knows that he loves me. She even emailed me wishing us good luck and happiness lol. But they're still living together... and I’m still waiting... which I will do because I love who he is, how he is, everything!! he makes me happy... but sometimes I feel like I deserve more and am settling... I know I could do soooooo much better...but all I want is him. I’ve tried and venturing out and seeing other people, I’m just not interested. So I guess I’ll be around until he ends it, or I get fed up which I don’t see happening we don’t even have arguments, and the little bit of bickering that goes on is with me and it’s because I can’t see him….. ANY ADVICE?????

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