LOVE IS.............HARD

by Anoula

Okay it all began when me and a friend decided to prank call this man and we didnt think it would turn out this way i was the one who talked to him but i made up all the information i told him i would call him back but my friend didn't wait she called by her self so it was clear to him that it was a prank till one day he told me that he knew who i was and that he was attracted and wanted me as long as we kept it between us and that i would delete his number from my friend.........................

Okay that was ummmmmm 10 months ago we pretty much talk everyday for hours and i love him with all my heart un-like other stories we don't bring up his wife even though she knows because she found a few messages from me but i live in guilt everyday i do want to leave but i made him the center of my life.

After my family found out we were going to move because my dad wasn't happy that i would be number two so now our phone calls and dates are all kept from my family.

OFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT i need rehab or something CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?????????

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