Lunch time love

by smstiny

I have known this man for over 20 years. I met him at work and at that time we just became very good friends, although I always knew he had other designs on "us". I was not attracted to him in that way, sexually I mean.

Well once I left that job we continued to be freinds for years then lost touch for a few years. But then reconnected. At that first time together we had gone out and had some laughs talked over old times and way too much to drink. We wound uup having sex that day. I regretted it the next day and wouldnt take his calls for awhile. When we finally did get together it was nice, I wouldnt say great I would say almost "comfortable" since I knew him for so long, it felt natural. Then trouble began, it didn't start for a long while, we had fun, he always had time for me always.

Nowadays I am lucky if I can see him at his lunch hour at work for a quicky. And we've lost that comraderie, that closeness the talking about everything and anything. Now its all about our problems we are having. I think this relationship is over. He has just left on vacation with his wife to the carribean. I havent been anywere since 1989! AND the one day he takes off for me alone is spent in bed watching tv. YES this relationship is totatlly over!

He will not leave his wife, ever. Get this through your heads girls.
and thats my story.

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