Married Man Syndrome

by TJohnson
(Kansas City, MO)

When I met him, we were associates, and he admitted he was married. Later, he fabricated a divorce. I wasn't involved with him, so I never gave it a second thought.

However, when i broke up with my guy, he was ready to hold my hand. One piece of advice, if you are not sure...This was my tell-tale. He never took me to his home. I never met his friends. He never said his ex-s name; He met my family and introduced himself as "my man". He met my friends. No hesitation there. I know his children's names, I know where he lives. He volunteered this information. How very wierd, huh? I have no doubt he was in love with me, buth e wasn't satisfied with that. He wanted me in love with him. Finally, after asking the obvious question, "When are we going to your house?" He came up with every excuse, which made me back off (too late, i already had fallen for him). Finally when I told him, we couldn't move forward until my NOSY ass saw his house. This was in the course of 1 month. We started seeing each other right after Mother's Day, We were done by Father's day. Why? Cause I never got to go to his home. He couldn't understand why i pushed this. My main thing, I didn't want to get there and find some poor woman tied and gagged in the basement. I had to know, right? Well, when i pushed the issue, he had to come clean. And he Texted me, 'Yes, i'm still married, but I don't love her. I'm in love with you, what we going to do? WE??? Bullsh#% Ladies... Move on.

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