Miss Wannabe

by Gisselle Leon
(Puerto Rico)

I'm 21 years old... And here is my story...

I'm from a little place called Puerto Rico, when I was studying at High School I got this part-time job at a Bakery when I was 16. Everything was all right, already had my car, my job, I was in 11th grade, with a lot of hopes and dreams. But one day when I was 17, I was working my evening shift, when I saw this gorgeous man, a Police Officer, my heart went crazy about him, he was doing a routine checkup were he had to sign like everything was ok...

After that day, he became to go more often, everyday when he was working he went to sign. Every time I saw him my heart when nuts, I used to called that feeling the "Mimisky", and my coworker new about my crush, as one day he went, we were already closing, so he stand outside in the patrol car, where I was ready to make my first move...

I went outside and we started to talk, I ask him stuff and I could notice he was a little shy, we exchange numbers, and that night I called him. He, in that moment, was 28 years old, married, with 2 little girls, living in the same neighborhood, but that didn't stop me. Like 2 weeks after we encounter our first date, of course it wasn't a regular date it was a hidden date, a place near a beach were is isolated... I didn't care, well i knew he was married, and we continued our relationship for 3 years and still going... I am truly in love with him, even he is older than I am, even he's married... Sometimes I feel down cause I would like to have him like everyday, but I see him like 4 to 5 times per week... I feel so nice with him, I cant even describe it... I don't care what his wife thinks, otherwise if she treated him like she is supposed to he wouldn't look for something in the street.

Anyways, all I'm waiting is to have my house, and tell him to move one with me because he says he doesn't leave her because he don't have a place to go, if he denies to move to my place by that time, he'll be so history, and our relationship will no longer keep on, and I'm so serious about this...

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Miss Wannabe

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Dec 19, 2011
cold blooded NEW
by: Anonymous

first off i just wanted to say that you are a home wrecker!!!!!! how selfish can a person be, you don't care if he's married and have two girls! your such a bitch and a slut who is breaking a home! ooh yeah ontop of that a dumbass too! do you really think that after 3yrs he's really going to leave his wife and kids for a whore like you ,HELL NO! he's playing your ass and when he's done, your done sweetie!!!!!!!!!! one more thing karma is a bitch and she's coming for you!

Apr 15, 2011
Letm Go
by: Anonymous

Love can be such a powerful emotion and when sex is involved its 100 times worse. Its been 3 years and he hasn't made any attempt to leave his wife chances are he's not going to. Sweetie, break free from him and find a young man your age and who's not married. Yes, you'r going to hurt for a while but time heals and learn from all of this. You've spent 3 years of your life so far involved in a relationship that has no future. I'm so so sorry for your hurt but you will heal and love again!!!! Good Luck xxxxx

Mar 26, 2011
No idea
by: Anonymous

Sorry my love but youre a little girl playing a big girls game! U r 21 how exactly would u know what it takes to keep a man happy? The longest relationship youve had is with your parents. The fact that u dont care about what happens with his wife and children proves your immaturity. And unfortunately the flip side of the coin is this you will find yourself when hes grown tied of you exactly where he found you: on the side of the street!

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