My best friend

by Auby

Me and my boyfriend were breaking up he had hit me and caused alot of damage,he moved in with my dad.And since they are both crazy they fed off each outhers crazy and started threatening me.So now I had just lost my best friend,boy friend my partner my everything my world.Facing medical bills and still missing him,then 2 started threatening my life.I sat at a bus stop for like 11 hours afraid they were coming to kill me.Then a cop actually gave me a ticket for prostitution.Mind you its raining heavy no cars anywhere.3am.I had just had reconstructive surgery so I could barely walk,I had lost my bus pass.So I made the cop take me to my door.Went in and slept for two days.On the third day there was this commercial on tv for a dating,friends like line where you call to talk to someone .So I called ans said I need someone to keep me from breaking down.And I was bbw.

This guy said I wanna be your friend.So we talked that night and it was like a blur till he text me a few days later to see if I was ok.He was so nice ,sweet,wanted to be there for me cause evadintually I told him the whole three year story the night I was loosing my mind and called the line.Well 2 weeks later he said something about his father in law I was like WHAT.Are you married,your a cheater.He simply said you needed a friend a I was there and still am.But I am not lookin to get down your pants I thought you needed a friend and I need one so we are friends right.Well he was a great friend so I was fine with that.Till we became the best best best friends could be.I was still going threw relationship issues and he never said I was wrong for staying .he was just there for me.

Well my boyfriend went to rehab in another town to me and my new best friend got along like girlfriends we were so close.We were just friends.But we talked all the time on the phone.Then we got this sexual chemistry.Well my ex was suppose to come stay for the weekend and ended up in jail.That was it I had totally lost it.I call my friend crying and he came over and the next thing you know we were having sex.Both of us cheating.This has went on for about 3 months.I am totally over my ex and no I have found this man who is so special perfect perfect perfect except the cheating.Everything he says to me is perfect,sweet polite,smart funny.And this is everyday for almost a year.Who is perfect that long.

So wee been sleeping together for almost 3 months and he breaks it to me he and his wife are gonna have another baby.She isn't pregnant but plans are a January pregnancy.So form now on its just friends.Then he came and in his words took me on our first date.Told me everything about hisself his wife his childhood.I knew nothing about him.He never shared before today.But now I realize I am so im love and I know he loves me to.But he is having more babies.He said aftre she gets preg then we can start back omg seriously.I have always been a god fearing woman and I know what I have done is wrong,but what do I do?Who do I talk to?Do I stay friends with the best friend I have ever had?What am I suppose to do with these feelings of guilt shame and love

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My best friend

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Nov 18, 2011
pick new friends NEW
by: rudy

You should start picking new friends that don't come with so much drama.Unless that is what you like.To many problems with these people in your life.Start a new life with all new different people.You know that the ones in your life now all all flakes.Trust me you'll have less problems in your life.

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