My biggest Mistake

by Prsdnc

All started when I started to take tuition with him...he was my teacher... He invited me for lunch...after pondering I accepted! Lunch...cinema...we even went to a hotel...but nothing happened...gradually I was attracted toward him...I told him my feelings! N he said he loves me too! Thus started our 'relationship' for he was married and has a little daughter..We slept by day I. Was attached to him...he was buying things for me,gave me free tuition..but though I love him I could not accept that he was with his wife... Every time he preferred not to be with me to be with his wife! I had to do compromise and beg to meet him... Now I want to end everything! Bt the prob is that I need his tuition coz he is the best teacher! What must I do? HELP PLEASE!!!

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