my married man story

by Elizabeth
(Clinton, AR)

I have been seeing my MM for a year and a half. He has been married for 8 yrs, no kids. We were all friends before this started. We were hot and heavy for the first year with him spending the night a couple of times a week.

We all live in the same town. Lots, and I mean lots of people know. She even knows. It is very akward when we end up at the same place together. I fell hard for him and then we ended it 4 months ago. I still wasn't over him and whined around for a couple of months. He called and we talked briefly a month ago and then ended up at the same place this past weekend. He left her at the place and called me. He spent the night.

We spent the majority of the night talking, but like always, never get anything resolved. I know he loves me and I love him. I know that this is a waste of my time and affection if he is not going to make me first. I don't know if I will ever be able to move on in any relationship because of the feelings I have for him.

Not trying to make excuses, but out relationship is probably a little different from most. We actually would go do things together. I have been to his house, I have met his family and hers. Her brother has been to my house with the MM and knows what is going on.

It is the craziest. All of my friends and his know and almost expect to see us together.

I know he wants out of the marriage, but wants her to be the one who ends it. I am confused about that. If he really wanted out, he would do it. So I just take it and maybe one day I can move on without him.

Wish I could say no more, but don't have it in me. Probably the way he and she feel...??

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