my story being the other woman

by sarah

iam a 24yrs old nigerian having an affair with a 42 yrs old man,i met him when i was 19 yrs old jst got out from a sour relationship.we started as friends till he asked me 4 a relationship i agreed giving him a trial as advised by my aunt.i later fell in luv with him we were so inseperable and he said he wanted to get married to me. that he got married out of condition n never for love that his wife was pregnant and he was pressured by his family that the logical thingh to do was to get married,he also told me that he wasn't a happy man that he was just enduring his marriage .when we met he had 3 kids a girl and 2 boys,we were so much in luv,i got into close contact with his parents and some of his siblings who welcomed me even though they have never met me,i was so confident that our union was for real,with time he gave me a ring as he calls it a token of his plove for me.even though i had issues with my parents because he was older n because he was married i was ready to defy them and weather the storm with him cause he was my ist real and true love.
we had plans to concretise our union as soon as i was through with schooling there were times i felt he was lying to me but he would always dismiss my fears that i should be patient that we would achieve our oals he had already told me his wife n kids were in another town,that they come to visit when on holidays and i believed him,but on one faithful day i had cause to go through his phone and i saw a picture of a woman breastfeeding and i confirmed from people and they told me his wife has just given birth to their 4th child and that they have always lived with him,it was so heartbreaking to me,i felt cheated and humilated cause he lied to me.i made up my mind to end the relationship of hasn't been easy cause i miss him each and everyday of my life,he still wants me back and still wants to go ahead with our

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my story being the other woman

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Sep 14, 2011
Same boat
by: Anonymous

I did Marie him, and found many lies! Very unhappy with him and thinking of leaving him

May 31, 2011
in the same boat
by: Anonymous

that like my story.. i don't know wheather to believe him or not anymore...i love him..i hope he is sincere but i doubt it..

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