No future being the other guy

by rudy
(los angeles

I've been involved with a married woman for 2 yrs. I've come to realize there's no future in waiting for her to leave her so called dead end marriage.I need to tell her to go back to her husband and try to get whatever it is she's still hanging around for back on track.She's not in love with him after 28 yrs of marriage.Kids are all out of the home.Verbal abusive man ,etc,etc.If it's all that bad why is she still there?

She's having her cake and eating it too.I'm her comfort zone and her husband is her security zone.Need to move on.

P.S.I've been with my GF for 10 yrs.I'm not in love with her.But it's not fair to her to keep her as I'm messing around as well.What does that make me?

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