no idea

This is a first for me but I dont understand my own mind at the moment and I cant /won't speak to my friends.

I worked with a man many years ago who was just gorgeous in nature and everything else.

We are in the same industry so over the years even though I left and moved on we kept in touch.

We are now sleeping with each other he calls we discuss work as we have it in common minimum 30 minutes a day.

We are lucky if we catch up once a fortnight for a few hours. He is in a realtionship with someone has been for 4 years I know he is a player but I cant seem to say no.

I am a small very overweight woman so self esteem is low and he just is amazing and makes me feel great but also makes me feel sad and pathetic.

His touch is amazing but he is so detached I am hurting myself I know but I miss him so much when he is not around.

My kids have grown up and he seems to fill a void that with the fact I have allowed him to get under my skin I am just confused and ......

I do see a counsellor and have done so for 2 years I cant even bring him up with her.

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