Obviously not a woman but...

by Happily Married

Look I've been cheated and I'm a bloke. The way all these stories I've read insinuate that cheating is something that a male would most likely do. And why is a third party woman (or man I really don't care, I call em home breakers anyway), so ok??? is it ok to go sleep with someone else's spouse or lover????? If you ask me they are just as horrible and I prefer not to 'genderise' someone's personality as it takes all sorts. i.e. a cheater is a cheater and lying is a behavioral trait which I would contend has nothing to do with your age, sex or any physical characteristic.

And to all those third partiers out there, grow up and take some responsibilities for your actions and admit that your in part of the game of deceit with your cheating counterpart. Its just as bad to sit by the sidelines and watch someone commit an offence and digestit as acceptable behavior than it is to offend yourself.

To be honest, I do think about cheating sometimes. I don't think its anything more than a fantasy for me. But for my wife, it was a reality and it took some time to work things out. Either way relationships take work either way and I wear my ring with pride.

Here's some food for thought. My wife always accused me of being unfaithful. There wasn't any real evidence to suggest so but she was really hell bent on it. I'm a very honest person when it comes to most things (i might pull a sicky from work every now and then) but, if I were cheating it would be obvious. I just don't allow myself to be put in that situation in the first place. If there is anybody I might feel remotely attracted to, I bring my wife and introduce them to remind myself who really matters and to avoid any temptation of hiding anything. It works for me and in a sense its a way of me telling myself that I am human and its ok for me to be attracted to other people. If I weren't there probably be something really wrong with me. You are supposed to be attracted to other people but at the end of the day you wouldn't let anyone else interfere with your marriage.

To Sally, you mentioned that you have both cheated and been cheated on so you probably know what it feels like to actually cheat on somebody. I haven't read all your articles but, isn't that a bit hypocritical? sorry for being harsh but, I can't relate to somebody who labels someone else as a 'liar' or a deceiver when their guilty of the same thing. I also think you could spruce up this site to appeal to a broader audience (I see all these negative connotations attached to men here and felt a bit insulted). On the plus side I really like how you have expanded on the topic of cheating as I can't really talk to many people about it openly.

Sorry about my writing and some of my rambling. Hope it makes sense.


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