Online Disster

by Cindy

I am a MW. Met a MM on Facebook, about 2 1/2mths ago. It began with emails, web-chatting, texting, and a few phone calls.
Things heated up instantly with sexual talk. He was also a smooth talker with the endearing pet names, etc to keep me baited. I fead his need for sexual talk, he fed my need for the emotional stuff. I guess it's fair to say we used each other. I can't just point the finger at him.
It all changed yesterday. He decided to meet me at a remote location hours from where he lives. Like a stupiod teenager, I snuck out of the house at 2:00 a.m! Not even caring what might happen if my H found out! How STUPID was I???
Anyways, we ended up having sex (sort of) no penetration.
So, long story short. IMMEDIATELY after we had sex. He wihdrew from me & wanted me to leave. Like I disgusted him or something.
Now I feel like the biggest retard in the world for falling for the oldest trick in the books with a man. I just can't believe that after all we shared emotionally, that he could just turn me out like that!
It's not like I'm devasted. I think he's pretty much a jerk. I'll miss the way things were BEFORE we hooked up, but no way in hell I'll miss this side of him!
I feel so humiliated. Back in JR HIGH again, when you weren't pretty enough or whatever, and the popular guy just used you to get a free BJ.
Nobody to blame but myself, but still hurts none the same!
MORAL OF THE STORY: Online affairs a pure fantasy!! They have a fantasy person in their mind, and you will NEVER measure up in reality! It's just not worth the pain to even start one!! Work on REAL life relationships!!

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