please help me


I met him at work. he's married with 2 kids and I was having problems with my husband.

we did not have sex but it was a series of on and off .. for a year plus. we would be close and he would suddenly go quiet or tell me he likes me but there's no future for us together, he does not want to ruin my life etc. we are both teachers. the cooling off period would always be in the holidays. when school starts, we would somehow be close again. this has happened for two or three times i think. most recently, he told me that he could not forget me, could not bear not talking to me and that he felt terrible without me. i thought that meant he had changed and we got close again. kissed, hugged.. no sex though. would lead to it i guess. but i discovered a shocking truth. his wife was pregnant. he did not deny but said that's why he was in a dilemma. he said he had real feelings for me. but since then, i have not heard from him and I am feeling real lousy. I want to extract myself out of this situation but I can't. I kept feeling for him. I kept wanting to continue to love him but i think it will lead to nowhere. I want to text him, but am stopping myself. My work is on hold, I have no mood to do anything. I can't help myself. I keep thinking it's an accident that his wife got pregnant and I still love him... can someone please help me?

I do not know what to think of him. Is he a jerk and doing this intentionally? or does he really love me? help.... I am really feeling horrible..

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please help me

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Dec 12, 2011
Forget about it! NEW
by: Anonymous

Please get rid of these feelings. This is all false.He is playing with your emotions

Sep 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Read several of the other post here, you'll find your answer - NO he doesn't love you.
Get out now - don't let the sex side of it get involved, it will only get 1000x's worse.

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