rrrreally?yur married?

by fwanky
(macon georgia usa)

online dating is kind of scary .. but when i met him i loved him from the start.. there was nothing about him that i didn t like...he seemed like a solid man who would be perfect to partner with,, but how to land him... newly divorced... i assumed he was dating and playing the field, i thought he was playing thei field when i didn t see him regularly.....i did see him for two years..i thought i was part of his dating pool..but when we were together it was magic.... i finally did find out that his dating pool, was a marriage.... married in july i met him in august... sooo hard to believe...i never knew... just assumed that people in their fifties would be honest.. haha i thought he would be hard to get married and here he was already in one...... sometimes our conversations would turn to topics of infidelity.. he understood how i felt when i found out my ex husband had cheated on me.. i left him....and he never said a word about that....annyway i just found out that he is married..... so of course its over...i have so many regrets...timing in life is everything.. i wonder what would have happened if we met before he was married.... but in truth he had plenty of time to spoil me and treat me well.. he really never did... i think it was purley sexual..... im a beautiful woman and smarter than his wife.. she works in burger king ... im a medical tech...his online profile asked for a warm hearted woman..why????.im glad that i met him because he actually is a such a catch. but why he married her is a real mystery to me.. i think its because she has the most beautiful home.. sooo maybe he needed a home to roam around in..... only he knows and i am going to ask him this weekend.. will he lie to me???... once he said to me .. he would not blame me if i never saw him again... prob because he knew that he was decieving me.. one moment of guilt???

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