by carolina

I am the other woman. 2 years passed by....
He destroying my life. Destroying my existance, my self esteem.

My suggestion to whoever read this....
RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN - AS FAR AS YOU CAN, if you are just in the beginning of your affair. Its not too late. The hurt will not as bad, compared if you feel the hurt after years involved with the MM.

This is the same pattern :
2 people meet. In love
He's married.
Sex is great.
Then the circle begin

Promises made by MM
You wait.....and wait.... and wait....
He bails...
He talks....
Made excuses.....
You got angry. frustrated. hurt. feel helpless, feel hopeless.
While he moves on and continues his life - with her.
go back to square one.

Same pattern. Circle of hell.
At the end, it's not worth at all.
I have been through this, and still going through the emotional roller coaster. Never ever before, I cried as much as I have been in my entire life.
The pain, the hurt, is unbearable.

So Run, Girl.... Run !!!!
Don't even tempted to do it, or to get involved.

Bless you all ....
and ... wish me luck to get out from this hell.....

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Dec 12, 2013
Great, really:) NEW
by: Anonymous

I have to say, even though I am going through the same tough time right now reading your text has really made me lough. It just perfect description of what nighmare this is.
I am glad however, that I cut him out of my life and asked him not to contact me and forget that he ever knew me (and that he could even touch a woman like me :). Bye bye.
They hope maybe one day again - you know when he needs it. In his dreams only.
Frist I, then maybe him somewhere down the line.
That's the only way.

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