Seeing my married Ex-Husband

by First Wife

I am been seeing my married first husband for 1 1/2 years. We were highschool sweethearts and married very young. We were only married 18 months, and divorced stupidly. We both went on to unhappy marriages. Skip to 33 years later. We meet. Realize we have always been in love. We see each other one a week (we live 150 miles apart) and travel together about once every 4-6 weeks. He has 3 children, 25, 22 & 16.

He says the kids are not stable enough to take care of themselves and they are indeed VERY immature. He is a surgeon. Recently we have been stepping up preparations to be together. Planning, etc. But last Sunday he was injured and broke his wrist very badly. Saturday night we were in love and making plans for our trip coming up next month. Sunday, he is injured. The family starts being "nice" to him, and now the texts I have received are informational and cool. No "Sweetheart", no "love", etc. I know he has decided to stay.

He is afraid of the financial implications of not being able to perform surgery for a few months. And they live to the very top of their means. Today is Friday. The last I heard was Tuesday morning as he told me of his upcoming operation later that day. Also that the family is now "appreciating" him. And that things have "fundamentally" changed. We still both have our original wedding bands and wear them when we are together. I had been enrolled (by him) in medical practice management courses on our upcoming trip. Our plans were serious.

Now overnight, it is all gone. I know that even if he comes back, he will do this again. At this point, since Tues, I don't even know if he lived through his surgery. This hurts so much that I am unable to function. I went to see a counselor today. Monday I will talk to my doctor. I feel stupid. But mostly alone. I so much want to be strong before he tries to come back. Overnight is a hard thing to swallow.

Crying First Wife

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