Signs of a cheating wife – Do you suspect your wife cheating on you?

It is very important to recognise some of the main signs of a cheating wife. Especially, when women are committed to infidelity it more often than not involves more of the emotional side of things.

Once you can recognise the main signs of a cheating wife, you can then look for the solution of the problem – and try to find out about it early to save your marriage and/or your family.

It is known that men are oblivious when it comes to signs – whereas women can just spot a single piece of hair from miles away. So here goes the top three signs of a cheating wife:

1. Unexplained subtle evidence

Yes, men are different from women in the fact that women pick up subtle behaviour changes whilst men pick up more obvious signs.

Women are also more proned to accuse and act out of control before the whole proof and hard evidence are in hand.

This is a good advantage for you as men keep things to themselves normally until some things come onto the surface.

Look around for unexplained things – clues that she forgets to cover up. (Yes I must mention the less you seem suspicious the more tracks she’s going to leave).

These can be unfamiliar gifts (not from you), messages or letters on the phone, or the increase of prank calls you are getting at home.

2. She seems distanced – day dreaming a lot with little emotional attachment to you

Women are normally more emotionally attached to their spouse compared to men. If you normally share a lot of things with your wife and suddenly you find her day dreaming not once, but twice in a conversation, definitely a sign to be wary of.

This can mean that she has distanced herself emotionally from you and perhaps is emotionally attached to someone else.

Another sign that you can look for is if your wife suddenly lose interest in doing anything that she normally likes doing with you. This can be simple things such as jogging in the park, cooking or something else that you normally do.

Furthermore, if your wife day dreams and seems to be uninterested in the family and the household altogether it gives out another sign of a cheating wife. There MIGHT be some cheating involved but then again, don’t confront until you find proof in your hand.

3. Her look seems empty – those lifeless set of eyes

She’s no longer happy to see you come home, she fakes her smile quite often and she is motionless during sex.

This is not guaranteed one of the signs of a cheating wife, but it is still something worth investigating.

At the very least even if the actual problem is not infidelity you can find a cure to it early i.e. to add more spice to your relationship.

So on the last note, I must say it again that these signs are not proof, and to get the proof extra steps need to be taken.

How about doing your own Infidelity investigation to the signs of a cheating wife?

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