Signs of infidelity – Detect lies through his body language

Lying is one of the top signs of infidelity. Even if lying doesn’t always mean cheating, it is not possible for someone to cheat without lying to his partner.

You are tired of his lies, but he seems to be good at coming up with excuses after excuses to keep you from finding out about his extra activity, but can he hide and fake his body language?

You have probably heard that you should not accuse your spouse of cheating before finding a hard proof evidence. But…

Are you too busy looking for hard proof evidence – NOT paying enough attention to behavioural signs of infidelity?

Ok, here are some actions and movements to watch out for that signal the sign he is lying to you:

1. He maintains eye contact a little too much. Obviously a cheater knows avoiding eye contact can show signs of infidelity – so to counter this he will look and stare at your eyes to fake sincerety. Good thing is he will do this a little too much, because it’s not natural.

2. On the contrary, he may just be an amateur cheater, and will actually avoid eye contact with you.

3. He keeps on touching his nose. Research discovered that when a person tells a lie tissues inside their nose swell (So there are some truths in pinocchio eh?).

4. He touches his earlobes or behind his ear. This is also a body language give away that many are not aware of.

5. He gives too much information when asked a simple question. He would try to make a perfect crime by not leaving holes and gaps in his story – little does he know it is giving away even more signs of infidelity.

6. Repeating your question in his answers may also be a sign. Example: when asked “Are you cheating on me?” he would answer “No I am NOT cheating on you”.

7. He stutters or stumble upon words. He realises when he makes mistake in his story or when his story does not add up before you do – and he will try to cover it up.

8. He is speaking a little faster than normal.

9. He is using a lot of ‘fillers’ such as um, err, ah etc.

10. His cheek turns red.

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