Six Reasons Why women cheat – different from men?

The reasons why women cheat are somewhat different from men. For starter, it is definitely not in a woman’s gene, nor I’ve heard any statement that states so.

Women also don’t cheat just to prove something to their friends.

Most men would agree if I make a statement that a woman is very complicated creature. Women do not say things in a straight forward manner most of the time. They drop subtle hints.

I must say that nowadays women are not the same like in the olden days. ‘cheating girlfriend or cheating wife’ is not unheard of. And although women tend to keep things discreet rather than openly discuss them to their partner, there are still some signs that come to the surface. ( Read: Signs of a cheating women – will open in new window ).

Sidebar: Before you go on, I realise men are different from women and therefore you can go straight to “Tools to catch a cheating wife”

Here are the top six reasons why women cheat:

1. Because they can – and have the same opportunities with men

This is simply truth whether or not you’d like to hear it. Women in the olden days simply did not have as much opportunity to stray compared to women nowadays.

Think about it, women get sent to business trips, spend up to the workaholic dose of 80 hours a week in the office including the weekends, and get involved in as much social events.

Plus, women are computer-literate nowadays, and access to websites such as is just a click away.

But fortunately, this is not the ultimate reason why women cheat – just like gene is not the ultimate reason on why men cheat.

2. Men in their lives do not treat her nicely

This is quite an important point when it comes to why women cheat.

Although some women are now heading companies, having same opportunities with men in terms of work place and rights, they are still women.

Women grew up listening to a lot of fairy tales such as Cinderella, Snow White, and ‘Happily ever after’ is still present at the back of their mind.

As adults women realise the reality is not like the fairy tales, but even if it’s not everytime, treating a woman like a princess will definitely make her think twice about cheating.

3. The challenge and excitement is completely gone

‘I understand if women cheat because they are not in their happy marriage, but I don’t understand why women cheat when they have a good husband and the kids are ok…’

Just like men, women also like the excitement in a relationship. I mean, I’ve heard many cases where women just feel bored in their relationship.

Sometimes, women can feel like they are taken for granted, and all the things they use to do to impress their partners are just not that impressive anymore – it’s expected.

All the talks they have with their partners revolve around daily bills, mortgage, car, savings and sometimes same old arguments.

Everything is just stable, normal, and this is exactly where an affair comes in. An affair can bring the excitement back…back to those young and irresponsible times where she can flirt all she wants to anyone. (Admit it, she IS attractive).

what’s more, flirting in those days were comparatively harmless, therefore an extramarital affair (or cheating on their long term partner) definitely offers more excitement.

4. ‘We don’t talk anymore at home’

Women need to talk – this is how they bond with others. Doing things together with their partners without talking is just not a woman’s ideal bonding time.

Sometimes women feel that they don’t talk enough to their partners at home. They either run out of topics, or there is that distraction called ‘house chores’.

Instead, they talk more to their work colleagues – about the problems that they are having at home, or they complain about their husbands, which can lead to an affair.

This is very important. When women don’t talk enough to their partner – or when they sense the men in their lives are not interested in what they have to say, they will start to look elsewhere for that connection.

Of course, men are not expected to talk all the time to their partners. However, simply stating ‘I love you’ or simply comment on something that’s relevant such as ‘You look good in that new dress’ will be sufficient.

5. It’s a confidence boost

This is another reason why women cheat – and it’s nothing to do with how confident she is already. Women need to feel that they are still desirable to men out there – especially if they don’t seem to get the affirmation from their partners anymore.

Also, if a woman’s sex drive is much higher and it seems that she is initiating the sex much more compared to her partner, she would subconsciously get rather insecure – wondering whether her partner is having sex with her just out of duty.

6. A means of revenge. ‘Well he did it first!’

I guess it’s safe to say that cheating is a choice, and although the opportunity is there, it doesn’t have to be taken.

When a woman finds out her partner is cheating on her, she would figure in her head that she is now allowed to take the next opportunity which passes.

At least sleeping with another man will give her the ‘tit for tat’ feeling, remember that song ‘Don’t think I’m not’?

Not to mention that she probably is looking for a replacement before she even realises it herself.

Knowing why women cheat in relationships is definitely a good way to prevent it from happening.

No matter what it is, cheating is definitely not a healthy way to solve problems in relationships. Before any problem becomes unresolvable, things should be straightened up.

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