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My story begins with a marriage where my husband wanted me to have sex with other men to fulfill his fantasies I really thought about it a long time and finally gave in. Hubby and I were high school sweethearts and had an average but pretty much sexless marriage and I thought this would cause a spark Well it certainly did but not btw hubby and I I met another married guy and ended up falling in love and leaving my husband over him Well needless to say I got what I deserved Hubby is now engaged to a much younger woman and my married guy has not left his wife. I had only been with my husband and really did not know what incredible sex could be like I have only dated two men my whole life hubby and married guy I feel like a fool I thought that you fell in love and got married Now when I try to be strong and go forward in life he constanty contacts me saying please give him time He has had seven months and I cant be the dirty other woman I do not feel loved just used Are there any men out there that wont use me to fulfill their desires??? I always thought I was so strong I am terrified of the whole dating scene and in my mid forties I am having to start a career after being a at home Mom for 16 years
Bc of my actions I have reaped what I have sown

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