still dating the married guy

by stupid lover
(los angeles)

Well first of all I will start by saying im 27 years old I have been dating this man for 3 years he's 43 although we have been 3 years together I can really just count 1 since I didn't take him serious the last 2 and was being Promiscuous until he finally won my heart over and made me fall deeply in love with him. I told him about my cheating and forgave me n said he understood and taught me how to respect myself and see life different. He's been married and has 4 kids the first 2 years he told me he wanted to leave his wife for me and he was with me 5 days a week I welcomed him in my home he would help my kids with their how he would sleep over he's just perfect,well recently I got pregnant and we both planned it he told me that would be it he would tell hid wife and she will kick him out.well it didn't happen the wife didn't she said she wanted him their for their 4 kids I don't know what the wife said to him to make him feel bad that he came and broke up with me I continued my life 2 weeks later he shows up to my house and told me how we couldn't bring this baby to the world and make him suffer in a broken home that I already had 2 kids with no dad that it would be harder with 3 well I decided not to care but 3 days later I had a miss carriage doctor said the fetus was being carried in my tubes he was their the 2 days I was in the hospital and we grew attach to each other again he apologize for not being a man and trying to run so we made up n now we are still together he's still with his wife and now he told me he can't and is not planning to leave her because he really love his kids and his kids needed him that he messed up by being with me so much and neglecting his kids I told him I understood and never asked him to he says im his drug and like an addict is hard to stay away I love him so much we are still together he still spends the night when I ask him to he comes over when I tell him pretty much his with his kids till 8pm does how and comes to me I don't understand why his wife hasn't kicked him out he's with me more I love him and dont know what to do

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