The affair in the office

by Jessica Charles

It started about 10 months ago, when he first joined my company just right after his honeymoon. I was the first person he spoke to in the office and he had left me a deep impression. He seemed like a nice guy - cheerful, funny and very considerate. I am married myself too but I was attracted to him. As being new to the company, I was always there to assist him. And that was when we grew closer to each other - from normal chatting to light flirting to openly impressing wanting to sleep with each other!

We would spent time at last night texting each other, and one fine day, he suggested going to a hotel. And we did. Initially, I thought this would be like a "one-night-stand" thing... but feelings grew deeper and deeper, and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend.

Everyday, he would write me notes on how much he had fallen for me, how much he wanted to be by my side and wanted to start a family with me! I was blinded by the love and attention he showered me, that I had forgotten that the both of us are married and this relationship will not last. Yet, I let myself sink deeper and deeper. I loved him so much. So much that I was even thinking of divorcing my husband just to be his mistress. I asked what will happen if his wife found out about us, and he assured me that he would not leave me, and he would still continue to be with me no matter what.

He promised me the world. Promised that he would take great care of me and would love me forever. He said he wanted kids and would bring up the kids with me.

Then, I was pregnant. He became panicked and said that it wasn't the right time to have a kid. He wanted me to abort the baby and told me that we could try for another baby when the time is right. I knew right away that he was lying to me the whole time. He still loved his wife very much, and despite the frequent fights they had, they were still going on trips, nice dinner etc. He won't leave her for me.

Soon after the abortion (he didn't even go with me because he can't leave the house), his wife found out about us. She created a big fuss and started to post nasty things about me online to my colleagues. She assaulted him too. Then his attitude towards me changed. He doesn't care much about me anymore. He only comes to me when he wanted sex. He said he was badly affected by what's going on at his home, and his wife had confiscated his credit cards and frozen his bank account. He said he can't be what he used to be with me anymore. His wife had full control of everything.

I wanted to break up with him after he said he could not offer anything to me anymore - his love and his affections. He was cold. But we continued to sleep with each other (whenever he gave me a booty-call, I would obliged). But i could tell that he has changed. He's not the same man I used to know anymore. I felt very used, very betrayed. He said he would not leave me unless I want to. I tried breaking up with him many times after that but not successful - i can't let him go. I knew that I was deeply in love with him.

His wife found out that we were still seeing each other, after one night i was pissed drunk and started to text time while he was home. I was mad, very angry and depressed. Later that night, I received a text from him calling me names, saying that I am a free fuck whore, that I was gullible that I actually believed everything he said. and for the first time, he asked me to get out from his life.

His wife wanted to divorce him. And he put the blame on me. Saying that I am a marriage wrecker. I am deeply hurt by his lies and now I find it hard to move on because we are working in the same office and I still see him every single day.

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