The Almost Other Woman.

by Catherine Smith

About 2 years ago I met him at my work and he's my supervisor, but when we met I wasn't even interested in him, he initiated everything. He was single when we met (or so I thought), but even though he was absolutely gorgeous, he just wasn't attracting me that way. He was incredibly bigheaded, full of himself and walked about with a swagger, his shoulders would move more than his feet. :/ But every now and then I'd catch him gawking at me, checking me out and things. Then when there'd be the payday nights out he always asked if I was going. He flirted lots, more like checking me out all the time, not really verbal flirting. Then all of a sudden I was checking my shifts, he was right next to me and one of the other female supervisors asked him what was going on between him and one of my colleagues.

He denied it, said nothing was really going on, but he'd slept with her and it looked like he'd been sleeping with a vampire. Apparently he'd denied it all for quite some time. Then, that summer they became official. My mate asked him on a night out, right in front of me and his gf. They became more serious, and are still going out to this day. Except, he was still flirting about with me, I knew he had a gf, so was playing it cool and ignoring him whenever I could, I also started flirting with other guys in front of him. Sometimes I'd look over at him and I could tell he was jealous which confused me so much. I mean he had a gf why the heck is he checking me out all the time, why is he getting jealous?!!

Anyway, after a year of working with him and his gf she got her dream job as a teacher in Perth and told me she was moving there. She then put it on her fb and other people she talked to more than me didn't even know she was going. I had a feeling she was fishing for dirt, and to see what my reaction would be. So they started doing the long distance thing. She'd come up almost every weekend to see him. And when he was working with me at the weekend he'd be a little more distant, possibly he was feeling guilty about it all. But we'd usually work together one night during the week and then things would be back to normal. It was so strange.

It was strange because even though we didn't flirt verbaly when ever we liked I knew he liked me and I could tell he knew I liked him. He'd make sure we'd get our breaks together and little things like that. When we'd be on nights out, he'd always keep tabs on me and be near me when I wasn't expecting it. One night out his gf was there, and he dragged me up to the bar and bought me a drink. Then I started walking back to the dancefloor, while I was, I heard someone say ouch. I turned round and the bouncers were about to throw him out saying he'd just punched a guy for no reason.

Anyway, I still work with him to this day and things are strange, he likes me and I like him and he's still with his gf. Did I mention that when I met him he was with my other mates friend and dumped her for his current gf? My friend told me he told her he just wanted to be single and then started dating again. When I write it all out like this, the situation is insane. I'd had flings with other men while still fancying the the pants off this guy. Will I ever be able to move on?! Will he be able to let go and focus on his gf? I don't know what to do and keep thinking about him so much that its annoying me now.

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