The love of my life , well i thought.

by Lauren

I had been with the father of my children since i was 14 , higschool sweethearts. He always cheated on me as a teenager and then some after we had our son. Never married. We had issues where we lived at the time , lived our whole life , moved to another state. North Carolina to start fresh. Long story short from that things got worse for us.

He was away one weekend at a festival in Key West florida with all his single friends doing his "I wanna be single" fun weekend. I had about enough of it and had a couple glasses of wine and got on facebook. Started talking to our old neighbor. I knew his family very well , his 2 children and his wife. We were both talking casually at first. We became really close as friends , i was even very close with his wife. One thing led to another and my boyfriend went away again for a weekend , The married man came over for this first time and we had sex. Mutal sex that we thought would just be a one time thing.

The Next 2 months things got very intense between him. I remember sneaking over there as much as i could and 2 days a week turned to every day a week i had to see him. One day we tried to end things and we were in each others arms crying saying goodbye and i left out of his house that he shares with his family and drove away. He followed me and we both just cried because we knew we were so far deep,and I and i ended up leaving my boyfriend , took our 2 chilren and blamed everything on him and left. I had gotten emotionally attached to my "friend" as did he and he convinced me to move in with him and his wife and his children with my children. As we did.

Our intense feelings for one another got so strong we couldnt control them anymore. Every single second we had to be together. We would stay awake all night together out in the living room as his wife was sleeping in there room. She had to of known the whole time. I tried moving out several times and leaving him because i knew what i was doing was wrong and i also got so emotionally attached to his children. Eventually i got my own place with my children and the day i moved out of his house , he left his wife and own children.

We hid our relationship from the world , snuck around because he was married and hadnt filed for divorce yet. They didnt live together anyore he moved in with his sister. He was sneaking over every night. It took him months to actually file for seperation. I didnt understand why. I thought i was the love of his life but eventually he did and we were finally able to be together.

The second he filed for separtion , his whole way of life changed. He started abusing me , mentally and physically. One night i had blocked out and woke up with brusies from head to toe. It took me a couple of months to stop the abuse and just sell all my stuff and pack up all my stuff and leave. I moved back to florida , still talking to him sometimes at night. I lasted a week and half in florida and gave up my children and life to be with him. Ran back and lived with him at his sisters. It was a sick way of living i dont know how my judgement was so cloudy. I lasted another week with him and then ended up getting hit again and ran to the only man i could trust , My ex , the Father of my children.

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