The other woman but really not!!!

by Diana
(North carolina)

I am 40 years old. I was married myself for 20 years and am now getting ready to file for divorce. I stayed for my daughter (wrong reason but my choice). I was cheated on and I cheated also. That fact remains that IF we were giving our spouses what they needed they would not have been looking elsewhere. I am a big enough woman to say, YES I did not fill my husbands needs, I take responsibilty for this!!! I have read alot of posts on here and you people need to get a grip. To those who are dating MM and to the wives and/or husbands who are bitter...Ladies and gentlemen take a hard look in the mirror....ya'll want to put the blame on us but in reality you have no one to blame but yourself!!! Your marriage was over long before we came along...sorry but the truth hurts...and sometimes it is just about sex so again take a look in the mirror....sometimes you have to get down and dirty with your man or woman....if you truly love him/her then you would be willing to do whatever right??? And dont give me that sh*t, I have little kids to take care of and i work...blah blah blah...I have been on both sides of the fence so please do not play me. If want something bad enough you will do anything for it!!!!!

Right now I am dating a married man...oops yes I said it, my bad!!!! We lived together for 5 months till I suggested he go back the house and stay in the spare room...he missed he kids (we are not all selfish) had nothing to do with us not being happy or money issues or it being the wrong be honest he is miserable being away from me but we do what we do for his kids....and yes that is the only reason he is do I know this because he tells me and his wife told me too. Yes I have spoken to her face to face....she is not happy about the situation but it is what it is. My boyfriend tried for years to make it work....therapy after therapy session and she always reverted back the same old sh*t!!!!! So again I say this in the nicest not pass judgement on me or anyone until you have walked a mile in my/their shoes!!! If you want to make your marriage work communicate communicate communicate!!! I never did with my Ex and I make damn sure that me and my boyfriend dicuss everything and I mean everything.....from vacations to our sexual fantasies!!!!!!

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Apr 30, 2014
It is what it is... NEW
by: MsQ

I truly get it and those who pass judgement need to truly walk a mile in their shoes.
I communicate with my husband & he knows it is him not filling what it is I need.
I am still married & dating someone and the boyfriend is very patient and understanding as to why my husband wants to be around ( the kids ) & he does not want a divorce or live apart as strangers. (My husband told my boyfriend, I know she isnt happy and if your making her happy then I'll have to accept it)
I live with the husband and sleep in the same bed and yes we are intimate (very minimal) and weve had a 1 more kid since then.
I also still date the boyfriend (he bought the house next door) and although my situation is not for everyone, it seems to work out.
He and I also have a child.
We are all happy.

Feb 01, 2014
you go girl NEW
by: Anonymous

This is so true

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