Trying to be strong enough to end it!

I have been the other woman for over 2 years....and have been leaving in a fantasy world. He has had me completely wrapped around his finger and I know it's wrong but I fell in love. He makes me happy and I've been lonely. I know it's the fear of loneliness that keeps me from cutting hime loose. He says his relationship has been over for many years and that he has not slept with her since we have been seeing each other.

She has kicked him out several times and he has stayed with me but then he goes back for the kids. He said he would be out and in an apartment by the end of this past year...well that came and went with not change. I know I have to end it because it's wrong and he will never give me what I want and I don't know that I could trust him any way.

I hate myself for even getting involved...I wish I had been stronger. If you are a women in this type of relationship please be strong and get out...I'm hoping i can.

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Trying to be strong enough to end it!

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Jan 04, 2011
Same here
by: Anonymous

I was exactly in the same boat as you - two years of weak, false promises because he wanted to keep his options open and not hurt my feelings.

I also knew I would never get what I wanted from him, in the end we weren't even meeting up, just arguing my text and phone.

It ended today because we both want to make a new start for the new year. The rejection, after two years of trying so hard, is hell.

Worse is the fact that he is so self centred he will never acknowledge the love and support and effort I have given him. He is totally blinkered and a very selfish man.

This hurts, but it will pass, and I hope the above gives you strength.

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