Trying to get un-hooked

by Arabella
(San Francisco)

Hi, I am a 30 year old single female who found herself as the other woman. I know exactly how I got lured in. That validation is one powerful thing.

I have always considered myself as a smart and level headed woman. I know how to spot BS. But this guy, well, he got me in his hooks. I still don't know if it's because I let my guard down.

I met him at a friend's party and he showed up with his very pregnant wife. I knew when I met him that he immediately had a thing for me at the party. I thought it's because he thought I was amusing and appreciated my humor. He eventually told my friend what he thought of me and what he REALLY wanted to do to me because I turned him on.

Before that day was over he friend requested me on Facebook. At first I ignored his messages and it eventually became a highly flirtatious message exchange. I tried to keep it light but my mistake was admitting what his flirtations did to me. My mistake was admitting that I liked receiving compliments from someone I found attractive for once. My mistake was exchangeing messages with him. My mistake was thinking that I could have fun and not get hooked.

We never really had sex, I guess it's what you would call the Bill Clinton definition of "sex". Nevertheless, the lines have been crossed and like I said he has his hooks in me. I am yearning for him. I am feeling ignored since he hasnt been contacting me as often as he did at the beginning of the affair. His wife just gave birth and I hate that I use his new born's birth to justify the lack of contact from him. I keep telling myself, "he said he still wants you, and hope to continue on as long as you're willing. Just wait for word from him when he does find time from his very busy life."

I shouldn't have to wait for a man to contact me! I deserve better than crumbs of attention thrown my way! He will never leave his wife and child! What he said to me at the beginning is nothing new, many guys have noticed in the past and complimented me in the same manner! I have no claim over this MM! I need to live my life and not put it on hold to accommodate him!

I try to repeat and remember this mantra all day everyday to help me get un-hooked. The first step I did was to unfriend him on my Facebook. If he contacts me via email, my intention is to tell him what I did here, I hope I have the strength and dignity to deliver it to the point and with class ;-)

I will no longer contact him and hopefully out of sight becomes out of mind.

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