Trying to let go

by Sandra Jackson
(Monroe Georgia)

I have been seeing this married man for about a yr now and he has become the love of my life but I know its time to let go. We have known each other for about 15yrs or so and recently bumped into each other while being out. I was with a guy for 10yrs and I was hurting badly so he came into my life at the right and wrong time.

But I only wanted sex, nothing else and I knew he was married but I could care less because I wasnt trying to be with him. So as the year went on we started loving each other deeply and now I want to let go but its hard. He is real good to me better than any other boyfriend that I have ever had and thats the hard part. I am tired of being second and I find myself wanting to see him ever day but with him being married I can only see him 3 or 4 days out the week. For the past two weeks I find myself wanting him more and more and I cant take it anymore. I am going out of my mind. I thought about getting back with my ex b/c he has changed but I am in love with this MM.

I have serious trust issues and thats one of the reasons why I started talking to this MM b/c he isnt mine and I dont have to deal with a bunch of hurt and heartache. He has never lied to me and we have always been upfront with each other but I know that we could never be as one b/c I wouldnt trust him either. So I know what I need to do but its real hard.

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