Was Both Woman

by Unknown

Its not easier being ethier woman was in a reationship with a cheating man altho he was not married he was in a long term realtionship no kids together (9yrs) led me to belive he was not happy with her he always started fight to leave god only know how many woman he has done this with before he cheated on her for years..we had a wonderfull realtion ship he told me all the time it wasnt fair to me but i didnt care i loved him.

she seen txts msgs and what not from me and phone calls and what not and she knew there was another woman but she loved him eventually she got that stregth to leave while she was still around got pregnat and had the baby and she didnt know at the time but she found out shortly after she left that he had a baby and i am now the inside woman he is cheating on me and i cant build it up to do the realistic n leave becuase i feel if i dont leave he is going to see that i care for him at all cost n maybe he will eventually give up the cheaters life style maybe its just a dream but i am not okay with it i just dont want to leave the man i love for antoher woman but waht u give is what u get waht gose around shure dose come around u get waht u put in All the woman that r messing with someone else man leave him alone and dont be a homewrecker its not pretty on ethier side because his mind is going to tell him she was ok from the start knowing i was with another woman she isnt going to care if i cheat on her she love me ethier way Cheating is a illness that is just as hard o cure as aid exactually uncureable u can keep him home for a little but he will always go bak ass soon as u slip,Like drugs u almost always relapse......

I have been both woman i just want him to be mine i love him Stay out of a
cheating mans life ..........What makes u think he is not going to do it to you n he knows i know about the other woman and talking about is not the solution cus we do talk about it all the time and we arent getting anywhere really

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Was Both Woman

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Jun 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

AS you said,what goes around comes around.Now this git is doing the same to you,as you did to his wife.sooooooo glad i kicked mine out of my life.An honest relationship is well worth waiting for.dont mean this nastily.but how can you have such double standards?you admit to takeing someones husband,and then hurt when you get it done to you..goodluck.

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