What are the Top Reasons Why Men Cheat – and How to Prevent It

If you are like nearly all the other women out there, knowing why men cheat can make a difference in your relationship – or in the future of your marriage.

I have been asked many times why women have to be the ones to figure out why men cheat, not the other way around? The answer is simply because men are not trained to work on relationships as much as women.

Men are very logical creature, and the last thing they want to do is working on the reasons behind why they want to cheat on their partner. But solving the root cause is quite important and since you are now reading this article, it becomes your responsibility to prevent it from happening – keep him to yourself girl!

There are many reasons why men cheat, but today I’m going to cover the major four reasons – enough to get your busy mind working. Save yourself from possible heartbreak from the very beginning.

First reason is when there is no more excitement in the relationship. This is the first and foremost major reason of why men cheat. After the initial ‘honeymoon stage’ any couple will experience this ‘there seems to be no more excitement left’ stage.

Although at this time both parties should start working on the excitement such as travelling together, have quality time etc some men would simply look for excitement somewhere else. It is wrong but let’s not judge and just keep this in mind to help you prevent an affair before it happens.

Second is when a relationship is filled with many disagreements and fights. A rule of thumb for that is: A little is ok, too much is not. No doubt a relationship will have its fight and arguments.

However, women tend to bring up more unimportant issues – or small issues that has been sized up together with past issues. It is very hard for men to handle the constant drama. He would then look for so-called ‘peace’ somewhere else, which can lead to affair or cheating.

Another reason is when both parties are so different. One person wants to go to the mountain whereas the other prefers to go to the beach. While it is true some differences can be good for a relationship, there has to be a time where he feels that there is something in common between you both.

Of course we expect our partner to have different opinions and interests with us – that is exactly what friends are for. But if you need others to fulfil your needs every time… you can see why men cheat due to this very same reason. One other reason is the fact that men tend to ‘want what he cannot have or don’t currently have’.

It is simply human nature – not just men – to tend to want what you don’t already have. This is especially true when the woman has pretty much given everything physically and emotionally.

The grass looks greener on the other side with more challenges and excitement – and he falls into temptation. Of course, you can give him the challenge that he wants by letting him ‘give’ in the relationship rather than always on the ‘receiving end’.

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