What I thought was destiny turned out to be his game

by samantha
(greenville sc)

I met him at work and of course I guess it's the usual story of how I was everything he ever wanted in a woman, that I was his dream come true...It tiik me awhile to go out with him but of course I did for 2 years I have been waiting for him to leave his horrible marriage, one without love or compassion. He had all kinds of excuses why he couldn't leave to be with me. He used cancer, which he never had however at the time I believed him and so for months he would only email me and never talk on the phone. We no longer worked at the same location so this was easy for him. later on we did work at the same place and he told me he was better and wanted us to go further in our relationship, wanting to marry me.

That was 9 months ago, now he has had back surgery and lied to me about the length of time for recovery and only emailing twice during this time. I have basically found out through my own investigative work that he has been home with his "horrible" wife and has received all my emails but basically cut me out of his life like I never existed. I could go on with so much more but what I'm feeling is such hurt, to be treated like I didn't exist is the worst feeling I have ever had. I'm not a person who would take out revenge, however I have saved all of his emails and feel the need to send them to his wife.

I know now how wrong I was, but his part in this and the way he treated me along with her is just terrible. I feel that he should be exposed for who he is.....By the way he lives in South Carolina, just in case his wife stumbles across this website..

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