What was there between them.?

by Aminath

I am 20 tears old high school girl.I met an impressive man(26) from our college 9 months ago. As we were both international students studying abroad we could come close finally came to in a relationship. We had lovely days together but we had not gone into sex but he used to say he would not be loyal to a wife who does not engage in sex as he says. I was just blindly in love with him.

He introduced one of his friends(22), who has a boy friend(21) already. We also became friends and she shifted to my place. Then I found out she often goes out for over nights with her friends.He always advised to give up those habits. After fortnight she was separated from her boy friend. I saw signs, after that, showing he was cheating.

He was also here in same place with us for a month and they two were extremely close. I could not take any step.. They returned to home country.
My heart dies because he tries to keep distance.
After all these he was telling that they were not friends any more..He knew that she has an STD and she kept going out not listening to him. I also have seen some transcripts about her illness, and they have gone doctor together.

We are still in a relationship, but my heart tells he is a cheater. I cannot relax for even one second. What can I do now..?? What you would advice me?

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