Why cheating in relationships is simply a deal breaker

I just can’t believe how many women are prepared to blame herself or the other woman for the fact that their partner cheated on them. ‘If I’m just a little skinnier, maybe he would love me more’, ‘if that is not flirting with my boyfriend, he wouldn’t have cheated on me’… and so on.

I also cannot believe the fact that I get questions including the sentence ‘he cheated on me THREE times…’, ‘this is the nth time he cheated on me’, ‘should I give him fifth chance’…

Listen to this. ONE incident of cheating in relationships is enough to break it. (And if you believe in second chance so much, two strike and he’s out – on the SECOND strike).

Many women can’t accept the fact that when a guy has successfully done cheating in relationship, he will feel confident that he can do it again. He feels that he has the power to pick up women even when he’s in a relationship with another..woohoo.

If you forgive him and stay with him, he would soon learn that he is allowed. And if you let it happen more than twice he now earns the licence to cheat.

Yup licence to cheat means he can cheat anytime he wants – knowing that once he put up with your screaming and hysterical rage, followed by a few months of good behaviour, he can do it again.

Ok, you manage to get past the big cheating storm that hit your relationship. You manage to heal your heartache, not to mention looking a little less attractive in the process – believe it or not people lose their attractiveness when in stress.

Are you confident that you can trust him again? How sure are you that he’s not going to do it again in the future?

Oh and can you live with him knowing that the image of him sleeping with somebody else is going to always haunt your mind?

I think it’s time to move on and find someone else who will give you the love you deserve.

Well, as I mentioned many times, it is not easy when love comes into an equation. But this piece of advice is a must when you know your guy has cheated on you more than once or if he has a track record of cheating in relationship.

I’ve been asked many times revolving the topic: “cheating in relationships”. In my opinion I genuinely think that it is a deal breaker. But as I mentioned earlier, people can be in different situations and when love comes to the equation, it can be kinda hard.

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